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The Fan and the Filmmaker
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19th-Jul-2006 08:31 pm - Apply for posting access.

Want to review?

Want to review? No problem! We’d love to have you as a part of our unique movie critiquing community and read your critiques. But do you have what it takes for posting access?

-First off, read our community rules.
-Second, please review our posting guidelines.
-Third, read over our reviewing guidelines.
-Finally, join the community and comment on this post with a completed application. (Please, only join with one account.)

Name/Nickname: (Whatever you’d like to be called.)
Favorite Film Genre: (Just out of curiosity.)
Movie Review #1: (Give us a sample! This doesn’t have to be incredibly long.)
Movie Review #2: (Same as above.)

That wasn’t so bad, was it? As I said above, just fill that out in a comment right here, and wait for a response! It should come relatively quickly.
19th-Jul-2006 08:27 pm - Community rules.

Community Rules

-Be polite and friendly.
-Remain active.
-No profanity of any kind.
-Be respectful.
-Know that this community is not affiliated with any movies, personalities, or companies that are involved in the movies we review.
-Disagree with elegance, agree with taste.
-English only, please.
-No advertising without approval.
-This is not a fansite; do NOT post about how much you adore an actor. Movie reviews ONLY. Let’s keep the boards clean. Thanks!
19th-Jul-2006 08:26 pm - General posting guidelines.

General Posting Guidelines

-Always be polite both with your review and your commenting. Like it or not, there will always be opinions differing from your own. When commenting on another’s review, simply stating if you agree or disagree (and giving a reason or two) is sufficient. This is a mature community; there are to be no insults.

-Always write and type to the best of your ability. No chatspeak abbreviations (“u” “r”) or purposeful misspellings (“lyke” “kewl”), please. Please use proper grammar, mechanics, and spelling at all times; in other words, make sure people can easily understand you, and make sure that they will enjoy reading your review.

-All of your full reviews must be hidden under an LJ-cut. Post the title of the film in the title of your message, and then state it again in the first part of your actual post. Then, in one or two short sentences, give a tiny summary (like a teaser trailer, only with text) from each point of view. You will see many examples of this on the board.

-All spoilers or potential spoilers must carry a warning label somewhere very visible.

-Have fun, of course!
19th-Jul-2006 08:23 pm - How to Review

Reviewing Guidelines

So you want to post a review, eh? Here’s what you must do.

-Your reviews MUST be told from two very different points of view. THE FAN, and THE FILMMAKER.

The Fan is from the point of view of a general audience member. You’ve gone to the theater to be entertained. You’re looking basically at the entertainment factor, and how someone with no filmmaking knowledge would react to this movie. Things like the actors (not acting skill), the level of satisfaction, living up to its genre, etc.

The Filmmaker’s job is perhaps more important, and will probably be more harsh of a critic. From this point of view, you’re looking at the things most take for granted: quality of editing, cinematography, directing, acting skill (note: not the actors themselves; that’s the fan’s job), appropriateness of the casting, scenery, set design, costumes, historical accuracy…things along those lines. What would you say about this film if you were an experienced director, perhaps?

-Don’t go overboard with your reviews. Quality does not mean quantity; you don’t have to write a novel. But on the other hand, give your readers enough! Don’t leave them wondering if you approved or disapproved of the film even after reading.

-Multiple reviews of the same film (from different users, of course) are allowed. In fact, we’d love them! Just remember: no plagiarism.

-Along with your review, clearly state the name of the movie, the genre, and the movie’s rating. No spoilers unless you clearly warn readers ahead of time.

-Review any films you’d like (as long as they’re appropriate) from any time; they don’t have to be new releases! Whether you saw it in theaters yesterday or you watched Gone With The Wind at home, review it! =)

-Please add your reviews to the community’s memories for future references.
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